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March 15-May 25, 2014

World Premier of 3-channel video installation Pixels Of Paradise: Image & Belief

9th International Biennial of Photography & Visual Arts Cité Miroir Liège, Belgium

Seeing and believing will be the two keywords for BIP2014, the 9th staging of the Biennial, entitled PIXELS OF PARADISE. Images are always an ambiguous source of promises. Images lie and tell the truth at the same time. Their powers of enchantment and proof go hand-in-hand. It is this unwavering link that BIP2014 will attempt to explore through an eclectic artistic selection where both mystification and the sacred are in play, being, as they so often are, bound together. The Cité Miroir will be one of the BIP2014 beacons, hosting an exhibition that will question the image of power and authority as they show and demonstrate their strength and rallying force. Between democracy and dictatorship, religious fervor and veneration for marketing, the masses and elected officials at all levels, echoes appear and interrogate various aspects of devotion, revealing the idolatrous power of a living being that has become an image, or of an image that has come to life, capable of capturing the multitude for better or for worse before thousands of watchful eyes. These powerful images, which reveal disturbing similarities, regardless of the “camp” to which they belong, express the fascination caused by the aestheticization of power, its staging and its decadence better than words ever could. The exhibition will include the World Première of Robert Boyd’s (US) triptych video installation The Man Who Fell To Earth, a poignant and forceful montage on the fall of regimes and men.

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