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With our world being radically altered by disasters resulting from global warming, devastated by epidemics we are unable to cure and traumatized by wars brought on by ever-increasing militarization, basic questions are raised regarding hope for the future of humanity. In an era uncertain of its outcome, does dreaming of the future help us create a better world - or is it a reactionary escapism we have devised to alleviate nervous fears regarding a current global state of affairs? TOMORROW PEOPLE is a series of multi-channel video installations that explore the role that fantasy plays in human self-determination. 

Integrating archival media that has been meticulously gathered and edited over the course of several years, TOMORROW PEOPLE reframes imagery and sound from popular culture to form a commentary on the social landscape of our time. The imagery is culled from science-fiction dramas, news reports on historic and contemporary political events, docudramas about UFOs, the paranormal and conspiracy theories, while the sound used spans classical, pop, techno and New Age - creating a context for the imagery that is both eerily familiar and disturbingly dissonant.



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