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The Wilding, the fourth installment of TOMORROW PEOPLE, is a 5-channel video installation that culls footage from the Internet to chronicle social unrest in the 21st Century. As economic realities darken and regimes are challenged, bankers and politicians find themselves in direct opposition with the people they purport to represent.


Introduced by a riot scene from the 70s dystopic film “No Blade of Grass,” the video swiftly proceeds to imagery of civil disturbances of the past 20 years. This footage includes–the December 2001 riots in Argentina, the Anti-Austerity riots in Greece, the on-going tumult in France, the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the 2011 London riots, the 2011 occupation of Wall Street in New York, and Black Lives Matter protests of the past several years in the US. Titled after a sociological term deployed to imply mayhem, melee and marauding youths–the video suggests that the chaos depicted has more to do with those in positions of power, than those who have none.


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