A collaboration by Robert Boyd, Liselot van der Heijden, Ashley Hunt, and Thomas Peutz.

The synchronized three-channel video installation Transcendental Landscape, 2001, centers on two iconic towers set against the industrial skyline of Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Conveyed through three diverse perspectives, the installation depicts a condensed narrative of architectural presence, erasure and transfiguration-as the towers, natural-gas storage tanks which have acted as visual markers of the area for over half a century, implode and disappear. Long since obsolete, the tanks are evidence of a neighborhood in transition - from industrial wasteland - to working class housing - to artist flats. Seemingly unaffected by their destruction, the urban environment over which the towers once loomed continues on as before, immediately adapting to the radical reconfiguration. Remnants of a by-gone era, the towers function as symbolic witnesses to a utopic vision of convenience, consumerism and endless expansion.

The installation was created for the exhibition "Garden Built For You" that opened September 1, 2001 at Smart Project Space in Amsterdam.