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The third installment of TOMORROW PEOPLE, Autumn Changes is a 4-channel installation that incorporates audio and video excerpts of man-made global warming proponents, as well as their detractors, to trace the polemic over climate change.


The video is introduced by the euthanasia scene from the 70s sci-fi film “Soylent Green.” Set in a dystopian future, the film depicts the Earth plagued by overpopulation, pollution, depleted natural resources, and a much warmer climate due to the greenhouse effect. In the scene the character, Thorn, tries to intervene in the government-assisted suicide of his friend Sol, who has decided to take his own life after uncovering a disconcerting secret regarding the populations’ food supply. The two share Sol’s final moments while looking on in awe as resplendent images, depicting the Earth as it once was, encircle his death chamber. The video quickens to contemporary nature footage, followed by passionate exchanges between Warming advocates as well as disputers. Escalating throughout bucolic spectacle and suasive commentary, scenes of environmental calamity and resultant destruction dramatically unfold.


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