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April 12, 2013

Single-channel video as part of

Is That All There Is?

Import Projects

Berlin, Germany An Apocalyptic Screening curated by Francesca Gavin The word Apocalypse comes from the Greek ‘Appo’ and ‘Kalyptow’ – meaning un-covering or un-concealing. The end of the world is thus depicted as a disaster that reveals the truth in some form. The veil of banal existence and normality thrown aside. A phenomenon grew around the year 2012, that the world would end or be greatly transformed. The anti-climax following this non-apocalypse is the inspiration for this screening event. The films here examine and reflect our fascination with disaster scenarios, the aftermath of nuclear warfare, the gothic sense of the monstrous that lies beneath our relationship with technology, and the sheer physical desire to watch the world explode.


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